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Are you busy living the life you want to live, or are you busy pleasing others only to see life quickly passing you by? Through anecdotal stories and real examples, author Wendy L. McKinney charismatically unveils what's really keeping you stagnant and challenges you to reset, reprioritize, and realize your dreams. In Busy Doing What?, McKinney inspires you to live without regrets, navigate distractions, and finally get things done. It relieves you of the pressure of pleasing others and walks you through the often-painful experience of saying "no." Through tools and stories, she'll help you make better decisions on how to best spend your time. This guide reminds you it's not too late to change the course of your life and achieve the success you desire. It's time to leave the busy life behind and get B.U.S.Y. (Believing Undeniably that Success is Yours).

Busy Doing What? (Bulk Order - 10 Paperback Books)

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  • Busy Doing What? Bulk order - 10 books

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